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Natural stone has some hidden qualities, for example its structural abilities to take its own weight over and over again and because of this it was then developed into archways, columns and lots of other decorative and structural features.

At South Island Stone Masonry we pride ourselves on attention to detail, and we set high standards in all our work, no matter how large or small the job might be. We aim to achieve high professional standards and provide a cost-effective service. We aim to work alongside our clients to help them achieve their goals and dreams. We aim to be open and approachable, we offer free estimates, a free consultancy service and we provide written quotes on request. We are happy to answer any questions you may have or give advice relating to work you are planning.

When you choose to build with stone one of the most important considerations is the person who builds it, all too often high quality stone is ruined by inexperience and bad building practices, a good stone mason can turn average quality stone into a beautiful piece of building work. The origins of building with stone go back millennia and working techniques were passed on through different generations working side by side.



All our staff hold current site safe cards.

Darrell Jefferies

[email protected]
I have worked in Queenstown since 2005 doing stone masonry. I set up South Island Stone (SIS) in February 2011 and have experience in all types and styles of stone work and knowledge in restoration.

Ben Reed

Foreman/Stone mason
Ben has been working for SIS since March 2018. Ben worked for a few stone companies one of which Darrell and Ben worked together. After a stint in Oz working in the mines he decided he missed Queenstown and moved back to work for us.

Darren Gibbs

Stone mason
With over 8 years’ experience Darren has worked for SIS since the start and has experience in all styles of stone work. Darrell and Darren worked together for a couple of other stone companies before SIS.

Matt O’conner

Stone mason
Matt has been working for SIS from 2017. Matt learnt his trade in the UK and has over 10 year’s experience in stone.

Sam Tamlyn

Stone mason
Sam has been working for SIS since May 2018. With over 10 year’s experience in stone masonry in all types of stone, he is a welcome addition to the crew.

Lea Parker

Stone mason

Max Davis

Stone mason

Tom Mills

Stone mason

Alan Coughlan

Stone Mason

Bruce Matthews



Schist comes in all shapes and sizes. We manly use Gibbston valley schist but we can supply other types
of stone at the clients request

Gibbston Grey

We mainly use Gibbston Valley Schist which is grey with quartz veins and natural orange/brown tones.
Depending on the look the client after we can provide different coloured stone to get the desired look.
It has a silver/shimmery effect, and can be seen in abundance around the Queenstown area. This schist lends
itself well to the contemporary style project and when split down and trimmed it gives a stunning effect.


Tight Stack

Has no mortar showing between the joints. A very modern look

Mortar Joint

Has a 5 or 10mm joint between each stone, creates a shadow to define each stone.

Bagged or Plastered Joints

Joints of the stone work are pointed. White is a popular colour but there is a range that we can offer. Sample
panels are a good way for the client to decide. Very popular style.

Dry Stack

This is used mostly for retaining or free standing walls, gravity holds the stone in place and no concrete is used,
great for landscaping.

Paving Stones

Are split by us or at the quarry and laid in concrete, Great for outdoor areas and entrances.